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Cnc Machining Service VS 3D Printing Service

Processing Accuracy And Quality

CNC machining offers greater dimensional accuracy than 3D printing (this may change with further innovations to AM) and produces parts with better mechanical properties in all three dimensions.

Cost Of The Parts

However, CNC machining usually comes with a higher price tag, especially with smaller volumes of parts. CNC machining uses engineering materials and delivers the full properties of the materials, undisrupted by the process. 3D printing, on the other hand, can sometimes achieve this, but generally uses weaker material approximations.


The Surface And Materials

In terms of surface treatment, CNC machining can produce smoother surfaces than 3D printing.CNC machines offer a better surface finish than 3D printing because the material does not deform during machining. The rigid material and cutting action keep the product together and there is less chance of error or distortion. 3D printing has a poorer surface finish. The material bends, twists or distorts because the material is layered heated plastic.


Prototype Integrity And Design

When it comes to prototype integrity, CNC machining is better suited for producing high-quality prototypes that are more durable and accurate than those produced by 3D printing.CNC machining is better suited for producing complex designs that require high precision and accuracy.


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